Six Pack Abs Transformation

How I went from 19% body fat to 9% body fat

six pack abs transformation


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I had always been someone who liked to stay in shape. I was never really big or ripped, but I cared about my health and the way that I looked.  But somehow, I let my busy life get in the way and I wasn’t making time for myself anymore. I was building a house and having a baby and all of a sudden, I stopped caring about my fitness.

Then one day I took a good look at myself in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw…

I made a promise to myself that day that I would do whatever it took to get in the best shape of my life and I wouldn’t stop until I reached my goal!

…5 months later, I was more ripped than I had every been before and I had reached my goal.
Throughout those 5 months, I decided to document my transformation and I posted it here… so check it out!

This is a picture of me in the beginning of January 2012, shortly before starting my diet.


Starting weight: 176 lbs
Body fat: 19%

I got the body fat percentage using a scale, so it probably is not completely accurate. I just used it as a starting point so I could get some idea of how much fat I was losing

My diet and training actually started on January 23, 2012, but I took a break for a week when my little girl was born.

I wish I had started taking pictures and keeping a log from day 1, but I recently just decided to start doing this. So the first progress pic I have is from March 15, which would make 7 weeks of diet and training.

From here on out I will be posting pictures and stats each week.

Week 7
Body Fat: 14.8%


Week 8
Weight: 164
Body fat: 14.3%


Week 9
Weight: 164
Body fat: n/a

Body fat scale was not working correctly so I couldn’t get an accurate measurement this week. But based on the picture, I’m still losing some fat. My love handles are smaller and my abs are a little more visible. I am still the same weight as last week though, but that could be because I started taking Creatine and my body is retaining more water.


Week 10
Weight: 163.4
Body Fat: 14%

Not too sure about this body fat reading. I feel like I’m closer to 13%. The scale I’m using uses bio electrical impedance through the legs and really only reads the fat in your legs and butt. Maybe I hold more fat there? Who knows… But anyway, I’ll continue to post what the scale tells me until I get a more accurate measurement.


Week 11
Weight: 162.4
Body Fat: 14%

My weight went down a pound but according to the scale, I haven’t lost any fat. I may stop using the scale to measure my body fat and keep using the mirror to see if I’m getting any results. I just don’t believe that scale to be accurate.


Week 12
Weight: 160

Weight went down over two pounds! I can definitely see a noticeable difference between this week and last week. Decided not to record my body fat anymore until I get a more accurate way of measuring.


Week 13
Weight: 159

Kinda cheated a little on this picture because I took it right after a workout while I still had a pump. The lighting was a little different so it didn’t really show my abs as well as last week but I’m still losing fat so I’m happy!



Week 14
Weight: 157
Body Fat: 12.5%

Upped my calories by almost 400 this week (on top of the additional calories I started adding a few weeks ago). I also stopped doing cardio in the evenings. So now according to the formula, I am eating WAY more calories than I should be, but somehow I am losing fat faster than ever. I lost 2 pounds just this week! Guess I will keep this up until I see it slow down.

Also got my body fat tested with calipers this week. It told me I was 12.5%. That seems pretty accurate to me.



Week 15
Weight: 156.4
Body Fat: 12%

I cheated a good bit this past weekend so I dropped my calories back down to 2200-2400 this week. I also got my own pair of body fat calipers so now I can measure my body fat each week.


Week 16
Weight: 154.8
Body Fat: 11.5%

Still dropping fat steadily. Decided to add in a Refeed day once per week. This is kind of like a cheat day, but more structured. It helps to raise leptin levels, which is a very important hormone for fat loss.
I’m getting really close to my goal of 8% body fat. Only 3.5% more to go!




Week 17
Weight: 154.4
Body Fat: 11%

Getting so close to my goal now! Only 3% more to go. My abs are very visible when flexed and starting to show while not relaxed! Made a few changes to my diet this week. Started doing intermittent fasting.



Week 18
Weight: 153.2
Body fat: 10.8%

Second picture is me not flexing. Weight still dropping about a pound a week so I will keep doing what I’ve been doing. Probably only going to continue cutting for about 4 more weeks


Week 19
Weight: 152.2
Body Fat: 10.2%


Week 20
Weight: 151
Body Fat: 10%

The small amount of lower abdominal fat that I have left is being very stubborn. It seems like my body is taking more from my legs now. They seem to be getting more cut and defined. Only 2% left before I reach my goal!



Week 21
Weight: 150
Body Fat: 9.5%

Second picture is me relaxed. Abs are becoming more visible when not flexed. I am still losing around 1 pound per week. I will probably only focus on losing fat for one more week.


Week 22
Weight: 149
Body Fat: 9%



Week 23
Weight: 148.6
Body Fat: 8.8%

This journey has finally come to an end. I am very pleased with the way my hard work has paid off. I would like to get a little leaner but 148 is much lighter than I wanted to weigh. Now it’s time to add some muscle mass!



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