Will This Exercise Lose Back Fat? – Lose Back Fat Fast

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked a question like “Will this exercise lose back fat?” or “What’s the best exercise to burn stomach fat?” And as frustrating as it is to keep answering the same questions,  I really don’t blame them for asking. With all of the infomercials you see online for the ab rocket, ab roller, ab glider, or other new gimmicky exercise equipment, most people think that its possible to burn fat by working out that section of your body. But if you want to lose back fat fast, there really is only one way to go about it… being in a caloric deficit.

Think about it… have you ever seen anyone walking around with a ripped up back anda fat flabby stomach? I know I haven’t. And if it were possible for an exercise to lose back fat, there would be a few people like that.exercise lose back fat

So then where does the fat come from?

Body fat gets burned away proportionately and the only way to burn fat is to eat less calories than you burn on a daily basis. There is just no way around it (unless you have surgery).

Now, with that being said… back fat, especially lower back fat, is the hardest thing for most men to lose. Your bodyfat gets stored based on where your hormones tell it to go… and for men, thats usually the stomach and lower back. For women, its usually the butt and thighs. Even though there are exceptions to this rule, most people store fat this way.

For me, lower back fat is the last thing to go. I can be 12% body fat with abs that are almost visible, and I still have a little back fat and love handles. It sucks.

So do exercises do anything to lose back fat?

Now there are some studies that show that by working out a certain area, you can release more fatty acids from that area, making them easier to burn off. But this effect will only be minimal and your body will still take the fat off proportionately.

Another thing you have to realize is that when you’re in a caloric deficit, your body is burning fat all day long. So those 100 calories you might burn while doing those lower back extensions really don’t compare to the 2000+ you’ve burned throughout the day by just living your normal life.exercise lose back fat

So will that exercise lose back fat?

YES… that exercise will lose back fat. But it will also lose stomach fat, leg fat, arm fat, butt fat, neck fat, face fat, and feet fat! Your body will take the fat from everywhere!

So stop focusing on that one area and just focus on hitting your calorie goals each day. Then slowly but surely you will lose that back fat!